Crystal Ball

I looked at the remaining games of the season for the Western Conference and here is how I think everything will pan out:

I think it’s safe to say that the Kings will make the playoffs. No April foolin’! Even if they lose their last 5 games, there’s still a great chance that they’ll end up in 8th. Here’s why: To get to the 93 points above, I have the Stars winning against the Avs x2 and Blue Jackets, but losing against the Kings, Ducks and Wild. In order for the Stars to overtake the Kings for 8th, they MUST beat the Kings this Saturday IN REGULATION (obviously) AND win the three “easy” games against teams with nothing to lose. In order for the Flames to overtake the Kings for 8th, they MUST win their last four games. Not entirely impossible, but difficult to say the least considering this whole scenario is hinged upon the Kings’ demise. With this said, a win on Saturday is crucial for both the Kings and the Stars. For the Stars, it’ll be a step in the right direction. For the Kings, it’ll be a chance to further secure a playoff position while basically ending the playoff hopes for the Stars.


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