Board Meetings

Mammoth Mountain, 1/20/11-1/23/11
Conditions: packed powder, spring-like, bluebird skies

First meeting of the year! 🙂

Executive Board:

We pretty much covered the entire mountain during our 3 days of boarding. By this I mean we spent equal time at Eagle, Canyon, Mill and Main. Usually, Henry and I like to stay on the Eagle side because
– we usually rent condos in that area
– one of my favorite runs happens to be (Upper) Goldhill to Slot to (Lower) Ricochet – via Cloud 9 Express Chair
– Canyon and Mill are usually way too crowded
– it takes a lot of effort to get to Main unless you start there

I found some new runs that I really love on the backside of Mammoth! Either start at the top (via Panorama Gondola) and take Upper Road Runner or start at the top of Chair 23 and take Skyline to Upper Road Runner. From here you can cut across to go down Arriba to Chair 14. Or you can board Upper Road Runner to Santiago/Santiago Bowl and down to Chair 14. Both are fun speed runs! LOVE THEM!

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Noteworthy Items
Check out this creepy picture. I know I’m short, but damn, I look like a little kid here…

Subsequent Events:
I will be heading to Colorado in TWO WEEKS (5 days in Breck, 5 days in Vail)!!!!!!


Ay Bay Bay


My Nor Cal trip was way too short; we were only there for about one whole day. Our home base was Fremont, but we took a day trip to San Francisco.

During our 8 hours in SF, we browsed and ate lunch at the Ferry Building, walked around the Golden Gate Bridge area, shopped in the Marina District and ended with dinner at Okoze Sushi. It was a tiring day with lots of walking!

My favorite part was the Ferry Building. Despite visiting SF multiple times, the Ferry Building never made it onto the itinerary. I don’t think I ever even considered going there, which is really surprising given my love for public marketplaces.

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Nor Cal

Since I’ll be heading up to Nor Cal later today, I thought this would be a good time to finally write about my last trip to Napa/SF (in October 2010).

Henry’s brother, David, is now teaching abroad in Korea. I planned a trip to Napa/SF as a last hurrah before he left. As with my trips of the past couple of years, this was heavily based on food and being a fellow fatass, David did not mind at all.

We started out in Napa and had some great burgers + yummy pumpkin milkshake at Gott’s Roadside.




We also lunched at Cindy’s Backstreet Kitchen during our stay. I was really excited about the duck burger, but unfortunately, it didn’t live up to my expectations. The best item was the rabbit tostada appetizer.

IMG_0309 IMG_0317
IMG_0325 IMG_0319

Going to Napa can’t be all about food. We visited a few wineries, of course.

IMG_0170 IMG_0175

IMG_0333 IMG_0338

IMG_0367 IMG_0372

and Henry’s favorite, Trefethen
IMG_0306 IMG_0300

After our wonderful time in Napa, we headed down to SF to eat some more. I swear I would have gained a gazillion pounds if it weren’t for us getting some exercise by biking across the GG.


No matter how many times I’ve seen/driven/biked over the Golden Gate Bridge or whether it’s cloudy or sunny, I am still amazed by its beauty. It is definitely my favorite bridge in the world!

IMG_0503 IMG_0487

As you can see from the picture below, we clearly were not dressed properly for the bike ride over the bridge. The day started out cloudy with temperatures in the high 50s/low 60s. Because we exerted a lot of energy biking over some big hills, we weren’t really cold until we got closer to the bridge. The strong winds made it feel like the temperature was in the 20s! Good thing the sun finally came out in the afternoon or else we probably would have frozen to death on the bike ride back.


I always have a great time in the Bay. This weekend will be no exception 🙂

Napa/SF Eats & Wineries (+our verdict):
Gott’s Roadside, 4/5
Cindy’s Backstreet Kitchen, 3/5
Ceja, 3/5
Duckhorn, 3/5
Trinchero, 4/5
Trefethen, 5/5
Firefly Restaurant, 3/5
Fish, 4.5/5
Just For You Cafe, 3/5