Thank You

When you’re in a relationship, it’s not about you anymore. It’s you AND your other half. I can handle taking care of myself, but I didn’t realize how hard it was to take care of two people all by myself.

Henry was in Vegas for a bachelor party and I was left with all the weekend chores, which includes, but is not limited to: grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning.

Grocery shopping – easy enough right? Yea, except Henry is always the one pushing the cart and keeping us on track. HELLO. My job is to read the magazines! DUH. And having to run to multiple markets to buy all of the ingredients is a serious bitch. Why doesn’t my local Ralphs have sweet Marsala or pre-sliced mushrooms? WHY.

Cooking – because we cook all of our meals for the week in advance, prep work is a pain in the ass. It may seem weird to some that we do this, but until I can get off work at a reasonable hour aka 6pm, this is what we have to do so that we’re not eating dinner at 10PM or later. Anyway, pealing and mincing one garlic clove is easy peasy. Peeling and mincing three entire bulbs of garlic makes me want to cry. What can I say, I love garlic. And no, I will not sacrifice flavor for convenience by using that pre-minced garlic in a jar shit.

Since Henry was gone, I had to trim chicken breasts. Not difficult, but I totally needed a break after trimming 16 pieces! And BTW, I’m usually not the one prepping meat… for good reason. I’m a notorious waster. Any fat or tendon/cartilage? CUT IT ALL OFF. Our 10 pounds of chicken breasts probably ended up at about 8 pounds.

Cleaning – dusting everywhere, cleaning the kitchen, wiping the windows, 5 loads of laundry on top of grocery shopping and cooking was almost too much to handle by myself.


SO. What I’m trying to say is… I appreciate all that you do, Henry.

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